Programming Notes: Yaesu FT-4X

Yaesu FT-4X Dual-band Hand-held

Yaesu has recently released a new dual-band hand-held amateur radio, the FT-4X. I always encourage hams that buy a hand-held to try and program their new radio by hand – it’s a great way to get familiar with your new radio, and prepares you in-case you find yourself in an unfamiliar situation and need to program a new repeater or frequency into your radio for a special event or as part of an emergency response team – this document is intended to help you do just that.

The attached document explains how to set the radio frequency, squelch type and PL tone, how to write that new repeater pair to memory and give it a meaningful label. Once you’ve programmed a few repeater pairs it also shows you how to set the radio to scan those programmed pairs.

Programming Notes for Yaesu FT-4X

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4 Responses to Programming Notes: Yaesu FT-4X

  1. Butch Peters W3HUX says:

    Where is the “attached document” please?

  2. Alan Pike says:

    There does not seem to be anything in the manual on setting the PL tones. I could not find the attachment you mention in the write up. Can you email it to me? Thanks.

  3. Jeff WD5EOD says:

    The other issue is that the programming software that LOOKS like a spreadsheet, is just a series of enter boxes and pull down menus. It’s just as easy to program the thing from the keyboard as it is from the software. It also makes more sense.

    Having to input the “NAME” of the channel is a bit annoying. I have named the channels as the repeater frequencies. 34/94, 28/88, etc.

  4. Paul G6TSF says:

    The are two manuals, one for the basic stuff the othe for the advanced stuff. See Yaesu USA website. They are in the FT-4X files section.

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