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So tonight, in about 30 minutes, I took an Icom IC-7100, attached an IT-100 Antenna Tuner which in turn is connected to my MFJ-1838 cobweb antenna, and set up the RemoteHams software to control it from the other side of the DFW metroplex.

The first step would be to load the manufacturer drivers for the USB connection, but I had previously done that.

Then I physically connected the radio to the windows computer, checked for the COM ports that were created (COM5 and COM6 in my case), and made a note of them.

Then I logged into my cable/router to setup/configure port-forwarding covering the specified ports and pointed them at the PC I will be running to control the radio.

The next step is to install the server software from, select my radio (IC-7100), and make sure the sound settings are correct (both point to audio codec settings). You’ll need a RemoteHams account to complete the setup. You’ll need to configure the ‘publishing’ tab, this is where you decide how you want to share access to your radio – I just made mine public and enforced TX control, so that I need to approve any user before they are allowed transmit on my radio.

Then I installed the client software on my windows PC, again, I needed to login to the client, and I picked my radio from the list. To test the connection I hit the ‘tune’ button, and it required be to get approved before I could transmit. Success!

Some radios are very simple to configure, they simply require a USB cable between the radio and computer.

Things to figure out with my radio setup are getting access to some radio functions like DStar, the 70 cm band, etc. – I can enter UHF frequencies but I do not have the ability to select the 70 cm band the same way I can 160 – 2 meters.

If you are curious, you can install the client and test out my radio. Not sure how long it will remain up, but likely into Feb. 2019 (next month as I write this).

DIY Remote Radio Now.pdf

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2 Responses to Remote Radio Operation – RemoteHams

  1. Arnie says:

    So, are you using Remotehams of win4icomsuite to remotely operate your IC-7100?
    Tnx de Arnie W8DU

    • admin says:

      Arnie, Sorry for the delay in responding, I used Remote Ham, but now I’ve been operating my Flex 6300 via it’s own remote software lately.

      I plan to install a trial version of Win4Icom this weekend, as I now have several ICOM radios, and the software offers so much in addition to remote operation. RemoteHams software is very capable, but with the IC-7100 using the VHF/UHF bands on it is challenging. Tom has specifically worked to include useful support for working with the Radio memories and D-Star as I understand it, and that goes a long way to making my IC-7100 a great remote radio.

      Thanks for your interest, take care, Ken, N2VIP

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