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NIST Time and Frequency Standards

1969.pdf With all this talk of the NIST cancelling some time and freq. standard services to save $6.5M, I present this overview of their services. The material may be dated, but should be fairly accurate.

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Favorite Mustang

289 C.I. V8 Fastback, spotted in Plano, TX

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General Class License Question Pool

A few years ago I foolishly told my fellow club members that I planned to test for am upgrade from Technician to General class amateur radio license. I say foolish, because now my friends would be expecting me to pass … Continue reading

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Boss 302 Mustang


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Dayton Hamvention 2018

Soon I will be travelling to the Dayton Hamvention 2018 in Xenia, OH for three days of Amateur Radio goodness and a chance to network with industry leaders at the largest Hamfest in the country (if not the world, but … Continue reading

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How-to Program FT-65r

The Yaesu FT-65r is a good, solid-performing, inexpensive dual-band (2m/70cm) handheld. It is popular with new hams for it’s price and features, but new hams find it hard to program, so I worked with a fellow ham (Matt Mathews, KG5QZO) … Continue reading

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43 Foot Vertical

I’ve been considering various antennas lately, and one design I keep returning to is the 43 foot vertical. Below are a few of the resources I’ve come across. There are many vendors offering 43 foot verticals, the one I like … Continue reading

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