43 Foot Vertical

Zero Five 43 Foot Vertical

I’ve been considering various antennas lately, and one design I keep returning to is the 43 foot vertical. Below are a few of the resources I’ve come across.

There are many vendors offering 43 foot verticals, the one I like is from Zero Five Antennas who offers two models, one that includes a 4:1 UNUN and one for a remote tuner.

Why a 43 foot vertical? Phil Salus, AD5X, put together a presentation comparing the 43 foot vertical with a couple popular vertical antennas, and to address a shortcoming with the 43 foot vertical, he designed an 80-160 meter matching unit to install at the base, and MFJ has designed a product, the MFJ-2910, that is apparently based on the same design.

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